Never miss local news

Top Ten provides an easy way to know what's going on around the world.
We find you local news and most viewed video from different newspapers and media sources
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Never miss local news

No matter where you are, we got you covered!
Whether it's news, local trending music, or that funny video that your remote coworkers have been talking about.

Easy to use

You just select the country and then wait for Top Ten to do the magic!
Top Ten can also tell you more about the people and places you find in news that you read on the app.

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News by Country

You just name your country, then we find you local news from that country of your choosing!

Choose your Content

From Kids to more serious News, we also have Videos...

Ask General Questions

Top Ten is integrated with Mr. Trainer, a automated system that can answer about any general question.

Available for free!

We currently have an Android and web version, Ios and Windows coming soon!

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